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Rhetorical Structure Contrasting Positive And Neg Essay Example For Students

Expository Structure: Contrasting Positive And Neg Essay ative ParagraphsSeeing Rhetorically Writing ExerciseMy Roommates Bed PositiveMy flat mates bed is flawless. She generally has it made. Never is a solitary cushion unsettled; no sheets look free from the sofa. Over the late spring, she and I chose to make creature print the prevailing quality of our room. In spite of the fact that I adhered to zebra stripe, her bed materials join each creature print possible. She picked a bed set that has little zebra print running the length. In the middle of is a bigger segment of dim panther spots and a profound tan foundation. The two prints differentiate each other as much as the zebras and panthers themselves, making it a discernable thing that causes to notice itself. An overstuffed cushion sits in the correct hand corner of the bed. It is of cheetah print with dull earthy colored and dark tones that extraordinarily differentiates the brilliance of the sofa. I, in any case, accept the way that it conflicts with the quilt includes puzzle: her be d would seem as though long stripes of zebra and panther without this enormous differentiation of tints to occupy the eye away from vertigo. My Roommates Bed NegativeMy flat mates bed is perfect. Her bed is consistently perfect considering she is never in it. Once in a while has a solitary pad been moved; no sheets look free from the stale sofa. Despite the fact that we chose to make creature print the prevailing quality of our room, it is difficult to do this and still keep taste in thoughtfulness. My side is a la mode; the opposite side is tasteless. The hues utilized in the sofa are boisterous and splendid. Since the zebra stripes are little and the panther print between them has such a complexity of shading, the bed looks so bustling that I am apprehensive it might bounce up and assault at any second. At that point there is the pad she demands coordinates her bed. The cushion is of cheetah print. What's more, indeed, there is a major distinction among panther and cheetah print (panther print is strong spots while cheetah print is just a layout of shading). At the point when an individual ganders at her bed, the eye me anders to the characterless absence of shading the cheetah print cushion offers. Contrasted with the brilliant hues, which is the main beneficial thing, in any event, that the bed set has making it work, the cheetah cushion is the monstrous, twisted MM whose nut is standing out midway, making a lump in one side that makes one discard it instead of eat it. Logical StructureMy composing explicitly passes on my importance in an immediate manner. In spite of the fact that I didn't begin my passages with, My flat mates elegant bed is unblemished on the grounds that she is a perfect individual, or, My flat mates bed is immaculate in light of the fact that she never gets an opportunity to destroy the appalling thing, my importance was suggested. Be that as it may, it was not ambiguously inferred. Continuously sentence in the negative section, my peruser knows why I have seen her bed is consistently flawless. The main sections significance is supported up in the subsequent sentence, which infers she is an exceptionally clean individual. The subtleties I chose bolster each passage. In the positive passage, I tried to depict how respectable the situation of articles on her bed is. I additionally attempted to illustrate the sofa as though the peruser was really observing it. The manner in which I portrayed it left a hint of excellence, yet only enough to permit the peruser to choose their own. As opposed to suggesting the brilliant hues were satisfying to the eye as in the principal section, the negative passage was expected to lead the peruser to accept the splendor of the sofa-bed was excessively and too occupied to be in any way appealing. The depiction of the pad that additional complexity in the primary passage is presently a blemish. .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 , .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 .postImageUrl , .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 .focused content region { min-stature: 80px; position: relative; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 , .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3:hover , .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3:visited , .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3:active { border:0!important; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 { show: square; change: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-progress: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; haziness: 1; change: darkness 250ms; webkit-progress: mistiness 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3:active , .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3:hover { obscurity: 1; change: murkiness 250ms; webkit-change: haziness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 .focused content region { width: 100%; position: relative; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 .ctaText { outskirt base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: striking; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; text-beautification: underline; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3 .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; fringe: none; outskirt sweep: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; textual style weight: intense; line-tallness: 26px; moz-fringe range: 3px; text-adjust: focus; text-embellishment: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-stature: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: supreme; right: 0; top: 0; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .udfb8ed5cb 9103304065235aeefb949d3 .focused content { show: table; tallness: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .udfb8ed5cb9103304065235aeefb949d3:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Beowulf as a Messianic Narrative Sample EssayThe implication in the primary passage is of a positive thought. Continuously and never conveys overwhelming importance while depicting how perfect and very much made the bed is kept. Complexity, discernable and fuse were utilized to show how a negative thought can be a positive result. In any case, in the subsequent section, my undertone was substantially more obvious. Continuously and never were

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The US position in the two Iraq wars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 words

The US position in the two Iraq wars - Essay Example It is additionally presented that so as to talk about the US position in both Iraq wars it is important to consider the foundation to the connection among America and Iraq going before the Gulf wars. It is suggested that the fall of the Soviet Union and the changing scene request in the fallout of the virus war set off an adjustment in the universal political structure, in this manner modifying the conventional hypothesis of global relations as confirm by Operation Desert Storm. This further denoted a defining moment in US international strategy targets in the Middle East, which was established by the occasions of September 11. To this end, Operation Iraqi Freedom is a prime case of this as a predictable end to the US war in Iraq stays dubious, prompting avocations of fundamental helpful intercessions and post struggle harmony building. Consequently, in considering the US position in the two Iraq Wars, I will consider the foundation to US international strategy in Section 2, trailed by a conversation of Operation Desert Storm in Section 3. In Section 4 I will attempt a relative examination of Operation Iraqi Freedom followed by a conversation of the obscuring of the qualification between military tasks and authentic harmony building activities. In Section 6, I will consider the Operation Iraqi Freedom in setting of the expanded job of private military temporary workers by the US, trailed by an end in segment 7. In the event that we consider the chronicled scenery of US international strategy, it is obvious from the mid 1794 the Neutrality Act, which was re-established and corrected in 1818; that US international strategy has establishes in creating worldwide laws of lack of bias, by expecting to make sure about general acknowledgment of inward approach proclamations â€Å"on such issues from the nations of Europe all through the late eighteenth hundreds of years onwards† (Boyle, 2002 at

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Solar Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Sun oriented Energy - Essay Example Sun oriented boards alone in this nation created almost 23 TW long periods of intensity in 2012. This measure of vitality is exceptional in contrast with other EU individuals or propelled economies, in spite of the fact that it only compensates for 3% of country’s in general force use. Germany is progressing in the direction of producing 66 GW of sun oriented vitality continuously 2030 by guaranteeing a yearly development pace of 2.5 to 3.5 GW (Wheeland 2014). Despite the fact that Germany doesn't have broad sunlight based vitality potential, it strikingly finances its capacity frameworks. These appropriations ensure their fitness of the sun oriented vitality created and utilized by the nation. Germany has a solid info duty structure contained little and enormous scope sun oriented PV systems fit for dispersing surplus force age to the utility system for income (Wheeland 2014). Italy was the second greatest generator and client of sun based vitality during that year with a yield of 16,361 MW. The United States came number four with a yield of 7777 MW with 6200 MW of this yield beginning from the country’s sun oriented PV industry. This yield is a development of 51% and 34% from 2013, which the rural and utility parts drove in individually (Wheeland 2014). This yield is ready to increment by 20 GW by 2018. Twenty gigawatts of America’s sun oriented vitality yield runs more than 4 million normal homes. By 2014, right around 645,000 American houses and ventures were utilizing sun oriented vitality due to past year’s in excess of 195,000 sunlight based force establishments (Wheeland 2014). The use of sun powered vitality in the United States is a result of the development of renting power produced by sun oriented stations. 2. The inverter is a gadget that changes over DC into AC (substituting flow), also called â€Å"conditioning† the power (Swanson 14). The inverter at that point passes on it to a check or electrical board. 3. The measure has two key capacities. To start with, the measure consequently passes on any overflow power produced by the sun oriented board to the

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Tourism in Turkey Essay - 1375 Words

Tourism in Turkey (Essay Sample) Content: TOURISM SECTOR AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN TURKEYNameDateAbstractIt is in the year 1923 that the founding of the republic of Turkey occurred .Tourism began picking up from that point and has been growing ever since. An important step towards the establishment of tourism in Turkey was the creation of the Turkish Airlines in the year 1925.It is from this particular point that tourism grew significantly until the World War II that led to significant drawbacks in the industry. After the war, the Turkish government came up with attractive business deals to attract tourism investors. The investors had the opportunity of acquiring loans at very low-interest rates.The legislation of that deal attracted entrepreneurs from all occupations. Tourism began picking up from that point and has become an important economic contributor to the Republic of Turkey.IntroductionTourists visit the republic of turkey for various reasons that may include; Leisure, sightseeing, business and some even opt to visit the coast. The country possesses many historical sites that specifically attract the tourists that are interested in sightseeing. The tourism industry in Turkey is very organized due to proper management of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies founded in 1972 and many more agencies that came up later. The country has well-organized airports to meet the ever increasing customers. Roads and railways have also developed to higher standards to make transportation a comfortable experience. Hotels that offer accommodation services have grown significantly to meet the increasing tourist population. The tourism industry contributes significantly to the economic growth of the Republic of Turkey.The tourism sector leads To the creation of many job opportunities. Employment rate has risen by a huge margin in the tourism industry over the past decades. Employees are working in hotels that accommodate tourists are an important example.The many tourist hotels available o ffer job opportunities to people in the country (Asku, 2006). Tour guides that drive and guide the tourists around the country also depend on the tourism sector for employment. The employees are working in tourist attraction sites also have the tourism industry to thank. All these and many more employees depend on the tourism industry in one way or another. The airport attendants that assist the tourists get employment because of tourism. These are just a few of the many job opportunities that have emerged because of tourism. The tourism sector helps to reduce unemployment of many individuals. The boosting of the economy of the country occurs especially when the taxation of employeesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ salaries occur. The government is then able to get funds to develop the country from the obtained revenues.Earning of foreign exchange is another significant contribution of tourism to the economy of Turkey. The foreign tourists visiting the country require local currency in order to pay for the services rendered to them. They, therefore, need to exchange their foreign currency to get the local one (Aldemir, 2011). The country then acquires enough currency to spend in acquiring items like medical equipment for its citizens. The currency may also pay for foreign exports that come into the country. The tourism sector has ensured that the country has enough foreign exchange to facilitate trade with other countries. The result is an improvement in the economy of the country at large. The growth in the number of tourists means that the foreign exchange increases. Trade with foreign countries then occurs more often due to the available exchange.Infrastructure has significantly improved because of the tourism sector. The transport sector, for instance, has seen a significant improvement over the years.Turkey has well-built roads and buildings, not to mention the properly lit streets especially at night. The country has 52 airports with 13 of them being international ones. T he total highway coverage now stretches for about 65,382 kilometers. Roads leading to tourist attraction sites like the Aya Sofa Museum have improved to deal with the number of tourists that visit the place. The result is that even the residents of such areas benefit greatly from improvement of these infrastructures (Beyzalter and Kustepeli, 2011). The railway sector has also improved to cater for tourists who prefer using it for transport purposes. Tourism has played a significant role in the improvement of infrastructure in Turkey that helps to boost the economy significantly.Several cities have developed as a result of the tourism industry in Turkey. Istanbul, for instance, has had a significant growth due to tourism. It has a rich history and culture that attracts many tourists. Another city that rose due to tourism is Antalya. The city has many resort towns, restaurants, amazing beaches, and even waterfront bars (Kozak and Birken, 2008). Another city, Bursa, was a capital o f the Ottoman Empire. The city has both thermal springs and slopes for skiing that attract many tourists as well. These towns have an enormous economic significance since they generate much revenue. Every city has a unique attraction site that tourists go to experience. The growth of these cities has led to a positive impact on the economy of Turkey by promoting regional development.The tourism has also promoted trade and entrepreneurship in the economy of the country as well. Tourist's hotels have come up to offer accommodation services to the tourists. These hotels have grown to meet the increasing demand by tourists. Tourism has led to a significant growth of entrepreneurship in Turkey. Service industries have come up in large numbers to serve the tourists. Car rental companies are a good example. These companies allow the tourists to rent their vehicles at a fee. Another service industry is the souvenir shops. These shops have artifacts that tourists can buy to remind them of th eir visit to Turkey. Businesses like sports gear and equipment rentals are included. Tourists rent this equipment when going for sports activities like surfing. These enterprises depend on tourism for their success. They pay tax that contributes to improving the economy as well.International relations improve because of tourism. Countries that allow their citizens to visit Turkey must be in good relations with the country. Trade within these countries then becomes easier due to the good relations that exist. The relations lead to reduced trade tariffs and importation rates. The country is then able to import products from such countries at a subsidized rate. Issuing of grants and loans are occurs as well. The good relations mean that Turkey can have enough sources of funds in case it is in need. These loans can develop the infrastructure or even build more schools and health facilities. The economy also benefits from these loans and grants as well.Tourism has also significantly led to economic diversification. The industry has reduced concentration on industries like mining and manufacturing. The country now has more industries to benefit from (Beyzalter and Kustepeli, 2011). The reduction of focus reduces over-exploitation of the mining industry, for instance, which contributes negatively to the economy by destroying land. Such areas in turn require much capital to make them productive again. The investors concentrated on other sectors can now contemplate on exploring the tourism industry that is growing significantly. The economy improves the more the tourism industry expands.Tourism plays a significant role in the contribution to the economic status of the Republic of Turkey. Employment opportunities have raised because of the tourism sectors. Employment of people occurs in the tourist attraction sites, hotels and some drive them around the country. The industry has led to the generation of foreign currency that plays a part in facilitating international tr ade. Infrastructure has also grown to better standards with improved airports, roads, and even railways. Cities like Istanbul, Antalya, and even Bursa have grown as well due to tourism. These towns generate much reven...

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Relationships in the House of Spirits - 979 Words

This essay will be going through the different types of love, and the power that they wield. Throughout the novel, different characters hold different powers of love. First, Clara’s love towards Ferula and Pedro Segundo will be discussed. And second, Esteban’s obsessiveness with Clara will be looked at closer. The bonds of love are stronger in relationships that aren’t acceptable compared to relationships that are acceptable in society. Clara possesses two different types of loves that are portrayed very strong within this novel for; Ferula Trueba, and Pedro Segundo. The relationships for these people were not acceptable within this society. Clara’s relationship with Ferula is very strong, it is more of a friendship relationship, then it†¦show more content†¦Not only did he become lonely because of Clara leaving, but also because everyone had left. No one he cared for was around anymore. Overall, Esteban needed to hold his frustration to himself, and not take it out on others. If he had done that, it could’ve saved a lot of relationships for himself. It could’ve saved his relationship with Clara, Ferula and also his daughter since she had left with Clara. Some may say, that Clara also had romantic feelings towards Ferula, because of always being with Ferula instead of Esteban, however this is not true, only Ferula had romantic feelings for Clara. Ferula was the one who went to the church to confess her feelings for Clara, â€Å"I can’t sleep at night†¦ Sometimes I tiptoe in and watch her while she sleeps. She looks like an angel. I want to climb into bed with her and feel the warmth of her skin and her gentle breathing.† (Allende 99) It may seem that both Clara and Ferula shared the same feelings, especially after Ferula died, and Clara took care of her instead of Ferula taking care ofShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende Essay823 Words   |  4 Pagessolve the puzzle of a family history. In The House of Spirits, Isabel Allende tells the story of many generations of a family in Latin America. There are three prominent themes in The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende. First, the social divide between those who are â€Å"civilized† and those who are supposed barbarians. Second, the influence of women and their role in society. Third, the clash between social classes. The first major theme in The House of Spirits is the division between civilization andRead MoreFaith And Faith On Our Lives Essay1509 Words   |  7 Pagesand hearing God’s word, it is the instrument for us having that relationship with God. Our true nature of faith comes from regeneration of the work of the Holy Spirit getting our hearts to believe. Faith is given to us by God through our spiritual senses. Faith affects us in our daily life and can give us strength to carry on in our issues of life and relationship with God. Important of faith is to show how GOD relationship with us give us many blessing that He promised us. And inheritRead MoreWhat does the Church mean to you?1273 Words   |  3 Pagesit is strong or weak, has some type of relationship with the body of Christ. This is because each one of us has some type of relationship with God. What is very important is to make that relationship stronger. God created each and every one of us in his image. God has a plan for each and every one of us. No matter what, God is always there for us until the end of time, so we do not want to disappoint him. Some ways in which we can strengthen our relationship with God are to go to Church every SundayRead MoreFilm Review Of The Film Spirited Away 1317 Words   |  6 Pagesher parents to their new house in another town (Spirited Away). She is childish and whiny, and sulks in the car because she does not want to move away from her friends. They take a wrong turn and find themselves at an entrance to what they think is an abandoned theme park. The family gets out of their car a nd walks through a tunnel—this is the physical threshold into another world. They leave behind their car on a small forest road and walk into a magical world of spirits and magic. Chihiro’s parentsRead MoreHaiti Essay1747 Words   |  7 Pagesbeat. The priest draws sacred symbols in the dust with cornmeal, and rum is poured on the ground to honor the spirits. One woman falls to the ground, convulsing for a moment before she is helped back to her feet. She resumes the dance, moving differently now, and continues dancing for hours. It is perhaps no longer she who is dancing: She is in a trance, apparently possessed by voodoo spirits. Voodoo is the dominant religion of Haiti it is said that Haitians are seventy percent catholic, thirty percentRead MoreEssay on Isabel Allendes The House of the Spirits1609 Words   |  7 PagesIsabel Allendes The House of the Spirits In many novels, relationships shape a character. Throughout Isabel Allendes The House of the Spirits dissimilar individuals constantly come together to form relationships that change or develop their disposition. While Allende uses relationships to build upon a character, she also depicts a characters living environment in order to confirm their true soul and lifestyle. Due to the observation of both relationships and environments, a characters trueRead MoreGhost Stories Of Ghosts, Witches And The Unknown1418 Words   |  6 Pagesnothing to be scared of. So who is correct? Are ghosts real? Throughout the United States, there are hundreds of places that people claim to be haunted. I wanted to see for myself if I can experience the paranormal by investigating the Sorrel-Weed house in Savannah, Georgia and research the most haunted location in Michigan, the Traverse City State Hospital. Usually when we are scared it is not a good thing. That uneasy feeling that you are being watched or the hair on your neck standing straightRead MoreChanging The World : One Play At A Time1644 Words   |  7 Pageshistorically influential plays that were written during the birth of feminism are quintessential to the rise of free expression among women. A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen, and Trifles by Susan Glaspell both explore the unjust role of women in society, though in contrast, A Doll House develops the theme through a more complex external conflict. Trifles and A Doll House are both centered on marriage and both come from the woman’s point of view. In Trifles, the audience is introduced into the home of Mrs. WrightRead MoreThe Work Of The Holy Spirit1139 Words   |  5 Pagesknow God. The work of the Holy Spirit is just as real today as it was in the book of Acts. My message to you today is no different than Paul’s was to his congregation of believers in the book of Acts. Do you know God? We may proceed with all our traditions and religious practices but if we do not know our Father we are struggling through life on our own strength. Our hearts and minds need to be touched by the Power of God. So many lives are broken, relationships damaged and despair is a guestRead More`` Nature `` By Ralph Waldo Emerson920 Words   |  4 Pageswritten by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and published by James Munroe and Company in 1836. [1] â€Å"Nature† has a total of 41 pages. The essay consists of eight parts: Nature, Commodity, Beauty, Language, Discipline, Idealism, Spirit and Prospects. Each part takes a different perspective on the relationship between humans and nature. In this essay, Emerson emphasizes the foundation of transcendentalism, â€Å"a religious and philosophical movement that developed during the late 1820s and 30s in the Eastern region of the

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Marketing Strategy Cristal Facility Servicesâ€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Marketing Strategy Cristal Facility Services? Answer: Introduction Cristal Facility Services is a five year old enterprise, but in this very short span of time the company has garnered good reputation and goodwill in the market for the quality of the services that the company provides and in the industry as well. CFS offers multiple services for both commercial and residential cleaning services which are guaranteed to be highly reliable and professional. The company provides assured top quality, dependable and professional services both in the commercial and residential sector for cleaning and maintenance services. A strategic marketing plan is a very crucial and significant step in building the enterprise and making it strive for growth and expansion. Strategic marketing plan is basically the study and organisation of every factor that affects the day to day operations of an enterprise so that the company can be prepared for the competition and any other issues that may come up in the future (Proctor, 2014). A marketing plan concentrates on two major aspects and finds a solution in accordance to the plan: firstly who are the competition that are already there in the industry and also how these competition can will be dealt by the organisation. Secondly, to understand and carefully analyse the factors that affect the day to day proceedings of the organisation; how these factors can be used for the betterment of the companys future (Hendrickson et al., 2016). To understand the target market and to attract the potential customers of a cleaning and maintenance company a comprehensive and informative marketing plan is required. This marketing plan will guide the management of the company to review and answer all the important matters and queries regarding the enterprise (Nykiel, 2016). The plan can also be used as reference point so that the company can use it to execute the marketing strategies as well. Furthermore, a strategic marketing plan assists in the creation of an infrastructure for the purpose of growth and the approach for customised services and products that tend to satisfy customers requests (Smith, 2013). The aim of this report is to submit a comprehensive description about the marketing plan of Cristal Facility Services. Firstly the business environment is going to be discussed in details as the internal and external business environments are the most important criterion that a business organisation has to keep in the mind while taking any kind of decision. Then the target market and the customer base along with the existing client will be mentioned then a competitor analysis is flowed with a SWOT analysis to gather in-depth idea about the market and finally come to a conclusion about the companys future (Jacobson, Cornish Sedaca, 2014). Business Environment Internal environment Analysis Crystal Facility Services Pty Ltd is a cleaning and maintenance company that was established in the year 2012 by Amar Kumar. While studying at the university Mr. Kumar worked part-time cleaning the offices and houses of friends and family to earn quick bucks later he turned his experience of cleaning and maintenance that he had gathered and built it into a company. Currently the enterprise has seventeen staff members and in this term of five years the company has gained goodwill for the high quality performance of the services that the company delivered. The company has been quite successful in building a brand entity n the cleaning and maintenance sector. The goal of the company is to offer all its customers and clients modern and professional quality services in a regular manner (Cheung Pires, 2015). CFS has shown adaptability in terms of accepting and implementing new and innovative technology in the cleaning and the maintenance sector in order to produce high quality services to the clientele. The resources of the company are valued by the management and is always recognized and encouraged for the efforts that they put in their work. They are not only provided with a good working environment and scope of learning in the organisation but also is paid rewards for their efforts and hard work (Kuratko, Hornsby Covin, 2014). Objective of the company Team work and team management is the prime focus and the objective of the company. The management believes that the effort of a team towards achieving a singular goal will help the company drive towards the betterment of the company and the stake holders. The clienteles, resources of the company along with the community is believed to be the fundamental base of the companys growth and success process. Vision and Mission Crystal Facility Services work towards a technically advanced and innovative approach to the cleaning and maintenance sector do that the clients and the customers are offered services they expect form the company. Brand identity Brand identity is the image of the company that is perceived by the customers. It takes years and a lot of strategies for a company to build a brand identity and to maintain that backed by the quality of services provided. But, in just five years of operation time CFS has created a brand identity for the company. The company offers a wide range of services under one umbrella. The centre of concentration of the company is customer satisfaction along with top quality services that is available in the reasonable price (Ketata, Sofka Grimpe, 2015). Product and service portfolio overview The company offers a plethora of services that can be customized as per the clients request. The portfolios of the services are: one time, daily, weekly, monthly based on the customers requirements. The staff and the resources of the company put in a lot of dedication and hard work to provide the clients with premium quality work. Some of the services are commercial cleaning, house cleaning, waste management, emergency response work-flood damage, and pest control along with maintenance services. Internal resources assessment The company is a considerably small set up with just 17 staff members. But the exponential growth and the expanding client base of the company is urging to recruit more employees in the future for the company to be able to manage and to commit to new clients and projects. The financial back up of the company is provided by the capital earned by the operations of the company. It is dependent on the owner, to implement new and improved technologies in to the projects undertaken, investment in assets are required. s it is a small enterprise the companys management and the operation works closely with rest of the staffs. Hence the opportunities, complains and grievances are directly dealt with the management and the employees (Kew Stredwick, 2017). Overview of the marketing mix Product: the product and service that is sold by the company is a cleaning and maintenance service which ranges from cleaning, to maintaining, to pest control and other services etc. Both commercial and residential sectors are clients of the company. Price: the motto of the company is to provide the clients with superior quality services in any sector. The services of the company are backed up by the modern technologies that are adapted by the company. All the facilities that the company offers are at a reasonable rate and hence the company has gained so much positive response in the short period of operation. Place: the company as of now operates in a small location as the scale of operation of the organisation is not much. Hence the place is restricted to nearby offices and houses. But along with growth, expansion is the future prospect of the company (Huang Sarigll, 2014). Promotion: Some of the promotional activities of the company are through the logo which is on the stationery and the uniform of the staff. It helps in spreading the word in the market. Social media and internet is also actively used by the company for promotional purposes. Word of mouth promotion by loyal customers who advocate for the company is also a significant part of the promotion mix of a company that is starting off and is of a small scale (Khan, 2014). External Environment analysis The external environment of a business organisations are the factors that influence directly or indirectly the day to day operations of the organisation. These factors are not under the control of the company and hence these are the factors that should be kept in the minds during taking any important decisions regarding the business or making any policies of the organisation. The PESTN Analysis is used to review and study the present situation of a company in relation to the external environment (Gupta, 2013). PESTN Analysis of the company: Political factors: The Company has a labour intensive sector of operations and hence it is cound by the labour laws of the Australian government. As a small company the operations are not much influenced by the changes in the policies of the government. But a change in the tax slab or the fiscal policies in relation to the buying and selling of technologically advanced products can affect the companys assets and operations. Economic factors: The clients that are targeted by the company are mostly offices and residential areas. The purchasing power and the basic economies of the country is not much effected by the industry as the cleaning and maintenance is a crucial part of living. Because of the clever pricing strategy of the company the economies doesnt have much of an influence in the operations of the business. Socio-cultural factors: The betterment of the community is one of fundamentals of the organisation. The cultural background of the owner of the company dose not has anything to do with the prospect and the development of the company. But the life style of the clients that the company deals with has to be of a sophisticate one because only then they will hire a different company to do the cleaning and maintenance for them. Technological factors: this is an important concern of the business. As mentioned earlier the company believes in innovation of the procedure of workings with the help of new technologies. The cost of technologies and the availability of new technology in the relevant field are encouraged by the company and affects the companys growth and development. A constant research of the technological innovations that can be incorporated in the business should be done by the companys management. Natural environment: the weather of the company is of important concern to the daily business and project commitment of the company. For example: if it is the monsoon season and the rains are unpredictable or there is a flood situation then the commitment is difficult to fulfil by the team because of the weather. Natural disaster or any kind of natural calamities affect every business in the area and the company should have a backup plan to combat such unforeseen circumstances. Customer analysis It is very important for a business organisation to have a set target group of customers who the company wants to attract to increase the business. The target market of the company is the potential client who would like to avail the services that are offered by the company. The customer segmentation can be divided in to four categories: demographic, geographic, behavioural and psychographic (Wilkinson, 2013). Demographic: the management of CFS deals with the people who are in the age group of 27-60 who either own their houses or have an office set up. Or is the owner of a residential complex. Knowing the age group of the target market ensures that the company is promoting in the places that the people form this age group can be communicated and attracted. Geographic: The current place of operation of the company is not very scattered as the scale of the business is small. The location of operation is limited to the reach of the staff in terms of resource and contacts. The present place for operation is in and around Victoria, Melbourne. This gives a window of opportunity and growth for the company to expand in other places as well. Behavioral: The people who are targeted by the company are the ones who have the purchasing power to avail the services. Though the service is priced at a reasonable cost and the portfolio of the project can be customised according to the needs of the clients the urge to spend on cleaning should be there within the customers. This is especially for the residential projects that are taken up by the company. For the office or commercial projects of the business it is important that the clients do not own in-house cleaning staff to do the maintenance work for them (De Keyser, Schepers Konu?, 2015). Psychographic: clean, hygienic, high-maintenance and well-maintained are some of the physiological traits of the potential customers of the company. As pest control is also one of the services offered by the company people who are careful and are protective towards the house and the wooden furniture of the house are also potential clients of the company (Cross, Belich, Rudelius, 2015). Competitor analysis The cleaning and maintenance industry in Australia is gaining a steep rise in demand along with the rise in the standard of living of the people of Australia. There are more and more firms that are coming up with this set up and Crystal Facility Services has a lot of competition in the industry. There are some of the factors that set the company apart from rest of the competition but in the larger picture the scenario is crowded and has stiff competition. Competition in business should be viewed with a positive outlook. It provides the company with an opportunity to learn, grow, and elevate the level of the quality of work. The competition of a company helps the management to develop a strategic plan that will make it different from the others in the market (Tassinari, 2016). Local competition in Melbourne: The top three competitors that are in the Victoria area of Melbourne are: Glitz cleaning, Pure N Bright Melbourne and Oakgem Nominees Pty Ltd T/A Bebrite Services. One of the major setbacks of the organization is that they have a negligible web presence. Since the company has a vision to incorporate new and innovative methods of cleaning, the company should also grow with the trend of having a web presence much like its competitors. A lot of potential customers will be lost because it is a trend among the people to first look up something online and read the reviews the online word of mouth is a very essential part of new business and digital marketing (Fleisher Bensoussan, 2015). The websites of each of these companies give the potential customer a brief descrip The segmentation of the services of these competitor companies is divided in a very strategic and organized way; where as the offerings of the CFS has to be confirmed by the company. The fundamental basis of the competition is in the cleaning industry as it is related to hygiene and cleanliness the clients will expect an image of the company to be like that. Promotions of these companies are also being done by the management and hence they are well known among the potential market of CFS. The unique feature that CFS has to offer is the price point (West, Ford Ibrahim, 2015). Factors and features Crystal Facility Services Glitz cleaning Pure N Bright Melbourne Oakgem Nominees Pty Ltd T/A Bebrite Services Quality 2.5 3 3 2.5 Price 4 3 2 3 Promotion 1 4 3 4 Reach 1 4 4 3 Customizable features 4 3 2.5 3 Figure: Competition comparison matrix The marks have been allotted to each of the companies out of 5. SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is a quick glance at the current position of the company and the chance it has to grow. It studies both the internal and external factors that are associated with the profile of the business. The strength and the weakness are the internal features of the company that are present in the current scenario whereas the opportunities and the threats deals with the competitors and the external market forces which are not under the direct control of the organization (Ho, 2014). Strength: the biggest strength of the company is the staff and the management, the staff of the company are dedicate resources who are happy with their jobs and are willing to grow with the prospects of the company. As the company is open to use new technological advances in the business this gives them the lot of growing opportunities in the future. Weakness: Promotional strategies of the company are not concrete and hence they is a very less knowledge about the company among the potential customers. This has also limited the reach of the company to a small location. The absence of the web presence is a big setback in this time. People who are the potential customers are tech savvy and hence it is very important to have a website and get registered with mobile apps like urban clap etc (Chen, 2014). Opportunities: Expansion of the company in other localities is a big opportunity for the company. The owner of the company knows about every technicality of the working of the business and hence that gives the company an upper hand over other companies. Window cleaning is an opportunity that the company has not tapped in the services that they offer. Threats: local competition in Victoria are immense and high top three companies who are a direct threat to CFS is Glitz cleaning, Pure N Bright Melbourne and Oakgem Nominees Pty Ltd T/A Bebrite Services along with many others like B L maintenance, Miam Services, Trc Solutions, Linda expert cleaning and many more (Shabanova et al., 2015). Conclusion Considering the company has just opened in 2012, the business is taking off on the positive foot. There are a plenty of opportunity for the company to grow in the next few years provided that the company keeps up with the quality of the service they are providing currently. The staffs and the high quality service at a reasonable price is the unique selling point of the organization and hence it should keep up and strive to provide the clients with better experience. The competition is stuff in the market since there are a lot of cleaning companys in the same location but having said that, Victoria is a densely packed area of Melbourne and there are immense demand for this business as people want to stay in a clean and healthy house, it also elevates the standard of living. Reference list: Chen, K. Y. (2014). Improving importance-performance analysis: The role of the zone of tolerance and competitor performance. The case of Taiwan's hot spring hotels.Tourism Management,40, 260-272. Cheung, R. S. Y., Pires, G. D. (2015). The role of power distance in the application of relationship marketing orientation to the internal business environment.Global Business and Economics Review,17(3), 330-343. Cross, J. C., Belich, T. J., Rudelius, W. (2015). How marketing managers use market segmentation: An exploratory study. InProceedings of the 1990 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference(pp. 531-536). Springer, Cham. 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